Rural vic rural reporter silo mural puts brim on the map, writes David Shambaugh

Rural vic rural reporter silo mural puts brim on the map, writes David Shambaugh

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The mural at the former “Red Light District” in south Burlington, near Interstate 95, depicts a sign, which now bears the words, “Here, at a red light, you can make a difference.”

The sign, a nod to the community’s efforts to ensure red lights do not obscure one’s ability to drive safely, and the ongoing fight to keep them off, is displayed above the pavement. The message is echoed around the globe.

“The people who live here should be able to make their own decisions in this society,” said Mike Leinweber, who lives in the neighborhood and works as a contractor for a Vermont-based company that builds signage.

That’s what a few hours after midnight Friday, a couple dozen protesters marched from city hall to the newly installed memorial, some of them wearing red, white and blue. They were joined by the Rev. Robert McCombe, the executive director of the Burlington Reformed Church, who called the sign an expression of “justice for one-fifth of society,” and by a couple hundred other people who were wearing red, blue and green buttons with a message: “If you see someone doing something, step out of the way” and to protect others.

The sign was installed last summer, a week after the city approved a plan to build new signs for the area along I-95, which also includes the “Red Light District” signs. Many people in the area were furious the city didn’t add warning lights on the sign, as it is already required under a city bylaw. That led to the formation of Citizens for the Red Light, the largest of several groups calling for the sign to be protected.

Mayor Miro Weinberger said earlier this week that the department of transportation had received a letter saying the city could not “insult” the church by installing the signs, despite the church’s desire to keep the signs off-limits.

Weinberger has said the agency is reviewing the response, and that he plans to ask the city council to adopt a resolution requiring the signs to stay off-limits.

The neighborhood is very well-integrated, but it has struggled to deal with drug addiction, crime and housing shortages. Weinberger said the department of transportation has found the signs to be “a great tool” in addressing those challenges, and “We have had zero issues with those signs.” He said the sign h우리카지노a

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