Welcome on the site of Providencia Slovakia Foundation

Adult vocational training methods

Our core activities:

  • research and application of  efficient social networking and learning  methods
  • teaching on identification of employment opportunities and skills for work interviews
  • collaborative e-learning platforms 
  • Training projects management (schedules, curriculum structures, hand-outs technical equipment to support training sessions
  • Training project budgeting and accountings
  • Learning results evaluation methods

Our clients:  Business training organizations, municipalities, NGOs with training needs, 

Project management services

The range of project management services we provide

  • Project management standards: as PRINCE2 and PMBOK - learning by practical examples
  • Project planning and monitoring methods
  • Project progress monitoring: schedule deliverables, budget
  • Change management methods

Maintenance of Providencia own assets: Office space, classrooms, Library, Internet - own ongoing project.

Charity services for target social groups

Our approach:

  • monitoring of outside learning and networking activities as youth camps, schools in nature, according the needs of the supported target groups
  • Main target groups: handicapped young people with the need of social inclusion, students with the need of financial support and/or of  accommodation, Hungarian cultural minority groups, activities of the Order of Malta help
  • Organization of  Annual Saint Elisabeth Academy in Kosice (November) - see snapshots on our Presentation page
  • Content maintenance of the St. Gerhard Pastoral centre website

Aktivita pomoci sociálne odkázaným občanom

Nadobudnuté skúsenosti:

  • aplikácie metód logistiky pri preprave osôb so zníženou pohyblivosťou (ide o spôsoby prepravy železnicou, lietadlom, autobusom, osobnými autami),
  • organizácia dobrovoľného tímu pre technickú, hygienickú a ošetrovateľskú činnosť.